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Optia Partners is a Tokyo-based executive search firm specializing in recruiting bilingual professionals for foreign capital firms in Japan. We have been connecting job seekers with the world’s leading companies since 2002. Our recruitment consultants specialize, and we believe this approach gives us an in-depth understanding of the changing market trends and human capital within each industry, resulting in a superior level of service to the companies and candidates we serve.  

We place professionals into mid-career and senior-level management positions across all major industries and job functions.  

Whether you are an established business or a new market entrant to Japan, we have the people and expertise to help. 

Recruitment Services

Contingency Search

We recommend contingency search in the following cases:
  • When the client plans to grow employee numbers over a long period of time and would like to meet a consistent flow of candidates.
  • When the client needs to aggressively hire a large number of people in a limited period of time.
  • For large corporations with an employee turnover rate of 10% or more.

Retained Search

We recommend retained search in the following cases:

  • Senior-level positions where the pool of qualified candidates is limited and skillful sourcing and representation to sell the opportunity is critical.
  • Confidential and sensitive search assignments such as replacement searches.
  • Urgent searches where a time-critical hire demands a dedicated team/resources to identify the right person.

New to Doing Business in Japan?

While our core business is executive staffing, assisting new Japan market entrants with the challenges in setting up an office is also part of what we do. In addition to leveraging our proprietary experience and information, we can provide introductions to business partners and other people within our network to help get you established. Talk to us about how to help you get started.


Japan Market Entry

Most product-oriented companies start their entry into Japan through a distributor and/or sales representative. This is a good way to penetrate target accounts and expand reach with the support of a local sales, marketing, and technical team while keeping initial costs relatively low. When sales have reached approximately US$3 ~$5M, however, it is probably time to establish a direct presence, starting small and then growing the team.

Office Space

Office space in Japan (especially Tokyo) can be expensive. A general rule of thumb, however, is to be prepared to pay a deposit of 10-12 months’ rent in advance, depending on the quality and location of the building. A 100sq/m office should accommodate 8 to 10 employees comfortably with enough space for meeting room(s). A 100sq/m office in a mid-size building in central Tokyo could cost around US$4,000 to US$7,000 per month. If you aren’t ready to make that investment, serviced offices can be a good way to start.

JETRO offers free facilities to companies that pass their screening process for a short period of time – approximately 5 to 50 days. Facilities are basic: a modern office able to accommodate 2 to 3 people, printer, fax, phone, internet and access to conference/presentation rooms.

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First Hires

The first employee(s) a company should hire will depend on its business initiatives and method of entry into Japan. Many companies start by using distributors for several years before opening their Japanese subsidiary to establish a customer base and a steady supply of revenue. Most firms continue to work closely with their distributors even after opening an office. Some firms invest early and bring on a Country Manager almost immediately to take on the responsibilities of channel management. A Country Manager’s salary could be in the vicinity of US$150K~$250K. This can have its advantages if you have the right person in place, but keep in mind that most good CMs will need an Assistant and will probably want to bring on 1 or 2 key staff ASAP.